Yell Admits Business Failings

Since we started highlighting Yell’s business practices, the company has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Yell also claims that complaints regarding their products and business practices are isolated incidents due to a few rogue sales agents.

It was therefore interesting to read a job posting (now removed) from Yell on posted on 23/9/2020 seeking to fill the role of a new ‘Head of Customer Transformation’, which reads:

“The service we offer customers today is not where we want it to be with 1 in 3 customers leaving us each year, 1 in 4 customers complaining about us, low NPS and a range of poor reviews across a variety of external platforms.”

Yell removed this job posting on the same day this article was published. I have posted a screenshot below and archived the page here at Wayback Machine.

This is the clearest (albeit inadvertent) statement I have ever seen from Yell admitting to how they are failing their customers.

While it is great to see some refreshing honesty from this disreputable company, there can, surely, now be no excuse not to compensate the thousands of customers who were lied to and mis-sold Yell’s useless products.

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