• Were you promised results by Yell that were never delivered?
  • Did Yell’s sales agent pressure you into signing a contract?
  • Are you now locked into a Yell contract from which you can’t escape?
  • Did Yell’s products provide no benefit to your business?

Thousands of Yell.com customers have entered into contracts with Yell on the basis of false claims and high-pressure sales techniques.

We have instructed one of the UK’s leading litigation law firms to bring a group claim against Yell.


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Seeking justice for small businesses

The Yell Action Group

The Yell Action Group Association (YAG) is a non-profit association fighting for Yell’s small business customers.

A committee has been established to represent the Group, which includes volunteers who have seen small businesses suffer as result of Yell’s practices and now want justice for small business owners across the UK.

We have instructed Croft Solicitors to bring a group claim against Yell Ltd.

Please note that all information published on this website or in any other format by or on behalf of YAG is strictly without waiver of legal privilege.